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Amusing arts and crafts lesson

  • offers series of arts and crafts workshops.
  • class
  • Feel free to join us. No worries, if you are alone or have no art skills. You can enjoy making your arts and crafts with matching colors and patterns as you like.
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Gamako 5,700 JPY (excl.)

Retro bag with a wooden clasp and adjustable shoulder straps.


Balloon 8,500 JPY (excl.)

Puffy and cute layout. Good design with 8 cm gusset enough to hold A4 folders.


Campagne 5,700 JPY (excl.)

Deep tucks and a wide gusset enable to make space to carry large luggage without loosing its shape.


Mikazuki 8,500 JPY (excl.)

The crescent shaped bag fits your body and is supported by a 45m/m width shoulder strap. It's comfortable.


Kinomi 9,500 JPY (excl.)

Convenient design with practical and stylish looks. Useful inside pocket with zipper.


Fukkura 6,500 JPY (excl.)

Feminine roundish bag with wood handles creates a sexy curvy silhouette.

※Other designs available.

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Fabric types

About 300 kinds of fabric are available from all over the world in our store.
Vintage fabrics are mainly from Germany and Eastern Europe countries.
Currently available fabrics are selected by foo's unique sense from Liberty, USA cotton and others.

  • Fabric01
  • Fabric02
  • Fabric03
  • Fabric04

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Button types

Unique buttons are available mainly from Europe.
Delicate glass buttons and large precious buttons used for coats.

  • Button01
  • Button02
  • Button03
  • Button04

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Tyrolean Ribbon

Retro and girly patterns are available.
Essential for handmade items as a cute accent.

  • Tyrolean Ribbon01
  • Tyrolean Ribbon02
  • Tyrolean Ribbon03
  • Tyrolean Ribbon04

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Other items

You can find fantastic items such as patches, appliqued laces and handicraft goods.
A lot of original handmade kits are available.

  • Other items01
  • Other items02
  • Other items03
  • Other items04

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