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Amusing arts and crafts lesson

  • offers series of arts and crafts workshops.
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  • Feel free to join us. No worries, if you are alone or have no art skills. You can enjoy making your arts and crafts with matching colors and patterns as you like.
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Semi-custom made bags

You can select fabrics we offer at the shop for your semi-custom made bags.
The price includes all material cost. Production takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

12 styles of bags or more are available such as a tough tote bag, a roundish shoulder bag,
a versatile convenient bag with pockets,a casual shoulder bag, and a retro bag with a large clasp.
Also you can order a pouch, a book jacket and a card case, in addition to a bag.
For the semi-custom made bags, we have various styles of fabrics such as vintage, a reprinted retro design,
a brilliant colored USA stars and stripes design cotton and an interior fabric for drapery.
Feel free to contact us for further information.

How to order


  • ・Choose a fabric from a variety of styles in our shop.
    (To bring your fabric is negotiable.)
  • ・Make up your mind about the design of your bag
  • ・Choose a color and the lengh of a handle, a color of petite-lace and stitches.
    (optional accessories include adding more pockets or adjusting the size of a gussets.)





  • All cutting, core attachment, machine sewing and ironing are done by hand.
  • All bags are carefully made one by one.




Approximately 2 to 3 weeks


  • Finished
  • Deliver the bags to the customer!